About Kazap Technologies

8 + years in the UK market

Kazap is a company that develops solutions using digital products and services for the web & mobile platforms.

We assist individuals, businesses of all sizes and governmental institutions with their technology ambitions.

We can also help you and your business to understand the challenges of Industry 4.0 and see the opportunities available.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are companies and people, like you, who have had a great idea for an app or website for example, but who don’t know how to turn their great idea into reality.

Often, our clients know they need an app or a website they can be proud of, but don’t know their Flash (which is dead in case you hadn’t heard…) from their HTML5.  At Kazap, our goal is to help you turn your idea into reality.  Simple as that.

And don’t worry, we won’t bamboozle you with techno babble.  We want to make your life easier and better – not more confusing!  So we’ll establish a long-term relationship with you, our valued client, turning your great idea into a slick, reliable, trustworthy app or website or other system or platform that you will be proud of, with the minimum of fuss.

Why choose Kazap?

Delivering results

Our clients invariably want an app or website that genuinely reflects everything they and their company stand for, and that’s what we help them achieve.

We’ll get to know you and your business.

We’ll get to know and understand your idea.  We won’t tell you what your idea is or should be; we’ll listen to you, and work with you… then we’ll make it happen.

We have dedicated staff, who will work with you every step of the way.  For us, working in perfect harmony with our clients and partners comes naturally. This means not just understanding the background to your needs and the market in which you operate, but working with you to develop strategies and solutions which best meet your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with amazing results.

User experience

It’s not enough to have quality content – it is all for nothing if it’s hidden behind gimmicky graphics or an unnatural user experience.

Engaging with your content must be an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Your website or app should be a window into your business, or – better still – an open door.

Apart from the highly impressive and advanced Code that is the beating heart of our applications and software, we deliver a rich user experience, that’s as easy to use as it is satisfying.


Creative ideas

We have come up with a number of innovative and unique solutions over the past 9 years for our clients - from web applications to the public sector to interactive movies.


We Love

Challenges. From helping schools to reduce waste to government bodies distribute subsidies, and even helping track diseases to stop epidemics - we can help!



Our software, apps & systems are being used by governmental bodies, small to large business, enabling people to do their work better and efficiently.

Marcelo Neves

Marcelo Neves


Meet our CEO

MSc, BA Marcelo Neves

I have over 24 years of experience in the Industry. Kazap is a combination of my passion for technology, business and entrepreneurship. We empower business for over eight years now to achieve more with tech and better business practices. We are always looking for new challenges, experiences and opportunities. with a proven track record of successfully providing creative and practical solutions within demanding deadlines and budgets to private sector clients, startups and gov departments.