Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that ready-made software does not always offer a complete solution that fits all businesses and companies.

Since each company has different needs and routines that ask for customized solutions, it is very difficult for a ready-made product to accommodate multiple needs at the same time and that’s why there is custom software, they are designed to suit your business in EXACTLY what you need.

Custom software can simplify your business processes, helping it grow and function more efficiently.

Always change, but without stress!

A common problem associated with shelf software is that often companies (‘customers’) are required to change some of their processes so that they can use that software. In this case, you need to change your working routine that is working, which can be the beginning of chaos!

Unplanned and sudden changes cause stress in the work environment, even among employees, and these changes would not be necessary if there was software that brought solutions with a gradual change, gradually prioritizing the processes and needs of employees in each department.

In other cases too, we see companies that do not even use 20% of the system they bought, but end up buying because of 1 or 2 features only, the rest is lost by not being adapted to their reality of needs, or not being trained to use it correctly and understand what that system offers and its full potential.

Reduction of problems

When developing a custom software this is “equipped” with features that only your business requires, it makes it incredibly easy to use and requires little training to learn how to work with it. This is because you, the ‘customer’, are the one who gave the instructions of what you want to have in that software.

Also, since the software is modified specifically for each department in your company, each employee already has an idea of how it should work, so very few interface problems are encountered, as there are no surprises or strangeness.

Throughout the process, the outsource company will monitor your project, will see its interface from the beginning, which is designed based on the priority of your routine, so it is very important to hire companies that use agile methodology.

Are the costs lower?

We have to be careful in evaluating what is actually low cost. Have you ever heard that phrase: “the cheap comes out expensive?”, because it is, imagines a situation:

– You bought software at the price of a banana that you saw on the internet or that you were offered, but this software begins to give you the following problems that can occur over time and are quite common in ready products:

  • Locking/problems in basic features;
  • There are no frequent backups; 
  • You discover that there is no security of the entered data;
  • There are no access profiles, your data is not saved in cloud (in the cloud);
  • The software is installed only on your local machine, and if it gets into trouble you’ve lost everything;
  • It is not scalable – that is, it does not allow evolutions or editions of existing features, for this you need to do everything from scratch! – high cost!
  • Find out that you’ll also have high support costs when you need it, and that you can wait days for help support to fix your problems;
  • There is no periodic maintenance of the product you bought, that is, it does not evolve along with current technology, and etc.

Anyway, at the end of all these problems that can happen individually or together, does it really come out cheaper? Along with the time you lost for these problems or spent days without a product working? You’ll be doing a huge disservice to your business if you look only at the price and do not evaluate everything that comes along with it.

It is natural for custom software to cost considerably more than a ready-made product, but the benefits of investing in their development are very valuable, because the less headache and more time to think about marketing or new strategies for your business, the more success you will have!

Your software should be your direct arm, not your nightmare

As stated above, custom software can simplify your processes to work more efficiently, and can also increase productivity in the workplace, allowing employees to produce more in less time.

Overall, they increase performance by simplifying the way the business should work, helping your business achieve short and long-term goals.

But what to consider in hiring the company that will help you get your custom software?

A few things to think about when choosing an outsource company for custom software are:

  • Do they have experience in custom software development
  • Do they make use of agile methodology?
  • Are they able to develop my software on mobile platforms?
  • Will they support and maintain periodic maintenance?
  • Do you use technologies/languages that enable lower-cost evolutions?

Thankfully, Kazap is able to meet all the requirements mentioned above and then beyond the continued evolution of technologies. If your business needs to take the increasingly vital step of developing custom software, then contact us and revolutionize your business!