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One of the biggest assets of any business is to be able to count on a loyal audience. Therefore, investing in customer loyalty strategies is essential to increase sales, build a good image and improve the chances of growth.

Did you know that keeping a loyal customer can be more effective and cheaper than winning a new one? Because it already knows its products or services, the trust is greater and, with good service, it can become a spokesperson for the brand.

In this post, we will share the top tips to delight your customers. Good reading!

1. Value customer relationships

The first step towards a lasting relationship is to pay special attention to the customer experience. We can say that the relationship is as valuable as the quality of the product or service. So take into account all the points of interaction – email exchange, connection, social networking, etc. – from the beginning of the purchase and exceed expectations.

To get communication right, we need to understand the needs of customers, as well as their habits, values, desires, and pains. This set of information will help add value to what your brand offers and create a good relationship with the consumer, improving on the customer loyalty.

2. Focus on a differentiated service

One of the most effective customer loyalty strategies involves service, which acts as a differential. After all, the way the brand enchants its audience is unique and cannot be replicated by competition.

Providing quality care requires that the team be well trained, to the point of defining the approaches according to the responses of each client. The work begins in the first interaction and extends to after-sales, in all communication channels.

3. Train the team to delight the audience

For the brand to have a good reputation and credibility, it is necessary to go beyond the quality of the products or services it offers. That is, all teams, especially sales and marketing teams, must be aligned with a discourse: to delight customers.

More than understanding the consumption patterns is to know that the service follows even after the sale. In a simple analogy, it works as an investment portfolio, which needs dedication and a close look to take advantage of the best opportunities.

4. Keep contact constant

Previous strategies already point to the next step, which is to look for ways to keep in touch with customers. Do you know the saying “who is not seen is not remembered”? It fits perfectly into that context.

For the consumer to remember the brand, you must maintain a close relationship with it. It is worth sending special messages on festive dates, offering educational content through a blog or social networks, and even sending a survey online.

5. Invest in technologies to build on

Finally, using technological resources to your advantage brings a huge competitive advantage when it comes to customer loyalty. Among the various possibilities, the use of chatbots in the service is one of the best-known applications to support the sales process and the relationship with customers to boost customer loyalty. After all, the advantages of this technology include:

  • agile (24×7) and efficient support;
  • contact directed to solve problems;
  • personalized and quality assistance;
  • engagement that makes service lighter.

Finally, humanized conversations, even in an automated way, are highly effective in customer loyalty strategies. At these times, what counts most is not what is done in the service, but rather how it runs to solve problems or doubts. Another relevant point is response time: the more agile, the better the customer experience.

Did you like our suggestions on customer loyalty? Before you test them, enjoy that you are here and learn the best ways to measure the customer satisfaction index.