The more time passes and technologies evolve,  the more we get used to interacting with machines in a “natural” way. This relationship is not always harmonious, since many of the companies that automate their customer service still have difficulty finding technological solutions that solve consumer problems and do not just do a mechanical service. The great challenge of chatbots for companies is to break the impersonality and be accurate in identifying the demands of customers.

Chatbots are part of a specific segment of conversational interfaces that can currently be applied in apps, messaging platforms, social networks, and of course chats, to simulate a humanized service, with the aim of accelerating problem-solving and reducing queues. Although it has been developed and popularized in recent years, the idea of chatbots was born in the ’60s and, over the decades, has improved to become what it is today: a tool that facilitates marketing strategies and customer service.

In this post, we will understand what are the benefits of using chatbots and see how one of our partners uses this solution to optimize their business strategies. Check it out!

Learn about the benefits of business chatbots

The growth of chatbots in recent years has not happened by chance, these tools deliver a number of benefits to companies and the market is increasingly attentive to this moment. See, next, how this solution brings benefits in various business segments. Keep up!

Contributes to cost reduction

One of the first benefits that chatbots deliver to businesses is the reduction of customer service costs. This is because bots, when well developed, have the ability to help the customer solve minor problems, which can be solved before or even without interaction with the human attendant.

Even when there is a need for transfer to the human agent, as the bots have already done the initial screening, there is a reduction in indicators such as TMA — average time of care.

With this, the company can work with leaner and more efficient teams and map indicators more easily. If implemented with quality, chatbots are able to streamline operations such as schedules, queries, sales, subscriptions, and others.

Ensures scalability

Seasonality is an inherent factor in many businesses, after all, it is inevitable that at certain times of the year there will be an increase in customer searches for certain products or services. In relation to customer service, this increase in the number of calls ends up overloading the team. In this scenario, without the chatbot the company has the option to work on the limit, losing some conversions, or hire employees only for this seasonal period.

When the company has the chatbot, it has the ability to serve a much larger number of customers, without increasing costs and without losing the standard in service.

Increases lead attraction capacity

Contrary to what one might think, chatbots don’t only impact customer service. It is increasingly common to develop and use this tool with a focus on attracting leads, facilitating the lives of marketing and sales teams.

The tool can identify a potential customer in a blog, for example, and suggest that they fill out a form to learn more about the subject of the text or to receive more complete material on the topic covered. Bots speed up some operations for users, such as scheduling and event enrollment.

Offers more customer satisfaction

Chatbots help reduces one of the customers’ biggest frustrations: waiting and the difficulty of solving the simplest questions in a service. In most cases, with bots, the customer can have the first contact with the company instantly, being able to solve problems before even having the need for human intervention.

One of the problems that companies faced when the first chatbots appeared, was the impersonality of care and the limitation of functions. This first moment generated irritation in consumers, who dealt with machines that did not solve their problems and did not allow a greater interaction in search of solutions.

With the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, this experience has been improved.  Chatbots are becoming increasingly autonomous, allowing a more automated service, with access to the history of customers on the company’s server and the internet in search of solutions.

Meet Anna, the chatbot Kakau developed in partnership with Kazap

Kakau is a company that was born with the spirit, seeing possibilities for delivering services beyond conventional solutions — the company offers, in addition to traditional residential insurance, protection, and assistance for bicycles and mobile phones.

Its products are contracted directly by the website, that is, the company needed solutions that optimized this service online. This is where the company’s partnership with Kazap is born and Anna, Kakau’s chatbot, was developed.

Through Facebook’s Messenger platform, Kakau streamlines solutions for its policyholders, whether to ask for assistance, claims requests, or to ask questions. The customer can request the benefits offered by the company, such as a keychain, electrician, plumber, cleaning, etc. in a simple way and without the need to face service queues.

Anna is a bot developed with machine learning, that is, its master algorithm allows the tool to learn from the user and improve over time. In addition, all information collected in conversations with customers is sent to the insurer and used as sources of insights to improve the service itself and services.

Optimize your service in partnership with Kazap

Here at Kazap, we believe that dialogue is the best way to resolve issues involving customers and businesses. We see the potential of chatbots and personal assistants for the optimization of service and creative solutions to make interactions more and more humane. Our focus is to create solutions that deliver a personal and close service, improving the user experience.

As we’ve seen, chatbots for businesses bring a number of benefits and, if well developed, also for customers, who have their problems solved more quickly. We are talking about a tool that considerably expands the service capacity, allowing a rapid response to market needs and, consequently, a huge competitive differential for those who adopt it.

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