You may be in need of a new system, an enterprise application or even give that upgrade to the work tools you currently use, but at this current time in the market, fear or even doubt torments you with the following question: “In times of crisis, should I invest in technology?”

To begin with, we must understand that we must NEVER stop evolving our business, and it is in times of crisis that we have to offer differentials to attract and retain customers.

We have adopted as an example of this, 2 situations:

1st Situation: Everything goes well, your company is selling a lot, several new customers coming every month and current customers are satisfied;

2nd Situation: The market is in crisis, new customers do not appear, the current ones disappear, and costs only go up.

In which of these two situations would you have more “courage” to invest in your business? i.e. Develop some work or mobile marketing tool?

If you chose option 1, great! It shows that you are profiting and having results with the current situation, do not want to stop in time and are always thinking about evolving and offering those benefits to your customers, seeking to stand out in relation to the competition.

Now, if you have chosen the 2nd or both the 1st and 2nd situation together, then congratulations! This really shows that regardless of the current moment you live in, whether in a crisis or not, you know you need to invest, even if you stand not to make much profit in that period.

The relationship with the consumer is very important and must be sowed at all times, even in difficult times.

Of course, in times of crisis you need to know where to invest, how much to invest and how to invest. Evolving physically and virtually is critical for any business not to become stagnant, archaic, losing potential and current customers.

The big difference being in a crisis or not is making smart investments that add value to your company and your brand.

Suddenly your biggest failure/need now in relation to the competition, is not to have a system that issues receipts of orders as with this you get lost in deadlines and deliveries. Or, not to have a system that manages your inventory, and in the midst of the crisis you have products that could be potential for offers, but because you have no control over it, you don’t do promotions. Or even more so, not having an application / channel that makes a prioritized service of VIP customers, with friendly interface and direct link to your internal system, from anywhere and anytime.

Anyway, each company has a profile and a set of needs as well as endless options for improvement, which is why always count on the help of experienced companies in each sector, especially if the investment is in technology, as this makes ALL the difference at the end of the month.

But how much will I actually spend on applications or systems?

There are technology projects that are customizable and are not ready products, so you as a customer are the one who delimits your scope and with that, you can trace how much you will need to invest in each stage of the project, within the past budget.

An experienced technology company, in addition to analyzing its scope, can give you the total or partial budget (divided) into stages to carry out the activities, always thinking about what is PRIORITY.

You don’t have to be desperate or worried about investing in times of crisis, everything is subject to analysis, lose the fear of making an initial budget for what your company needs to grow or improve workflow.

Here at Kazap Technology, we work with the following business models:

  • The client gives us the scope of their needs or a new project, it determines what they want to do;
  • We analyze the scope and see if you need to change something, such as including items or even removing/modifying;
  • We price the project according to the customer’s request – partially (in stages) or total;
  • We present payment methods that are attractive;
  • Everything is done through contract and with total security and confidentiality of information;
  • We use OPEN SOURCE technologies that greatly reduce the final value of each project;
  • The client participates in all stages of the project through sprints.