Companies of various sizes and areas of activity can be more efficient with the integration between Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) because the union of these concepts allows processes to be monitored more closely. In addition, solutions such as automation reduce the incidence of errors and accidents, which makes business processes safer and more productive.

Taking these facts into account, we create this content with more complete information about the relationship between industrial revolution 4.0  and artificial intelligence. Read to the end and find out how it can benefit your business!

What is Industry 4.0?

It’s easy to see that we live in a connected world. By using a simple mobile device, anyone can connect to information networks and access a range of relevant knowledge and information.

Although more complex, this connectivity is also part of the corporate universe. Through sensors and specialized software, for example, the maintenance team of a factory can monitor, in real-time, the condition of a machine.

In addition, solutions such as the Internet of Things allow equipment to exchange information and, thus, other productive steps to be prepared, which can be done without the interference of a human being.

This real revolution is what they call Industry 4.0! We can describe it as a concept that aims to use technological tools to optimize the operational and productive processes of a company, making them increasingly autonomous and efficient.

What is artificial intelligence?

More than a concept taken from science fiction films, AI is a technology designed to create software capable of analyzing data, learning from it, and from there making decisions.

As hard-working and skilled as employees are, there is a limit to your ability to process information. This characteristic ends up preventing the use of data to its full potential.

Artificial intelligence, however, can handle a large amount of information without compromising its effectiveness. In addition, it is able to learn on its own, so that it becomes increasingly efficient over time.

How do Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence relate?

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to use technology to make business processes more autonomous and connected. To do so, a solution capable of monitoring the data that each process generates is required and indicating the smartest action based on them. A task that can be perfectly performed via artificial intelligence.

In addition to capturing and filtering information, technology is critical when automating repetitive and operational processes. After all, without some level of AI, machinery, and equipment simply cannot operate on their own. Given this, we can say that Industry 4.0 and AI are directly related.

In a scenario in which processes become more agile and less prone to error, employees tend to occupy more strategic positions. This makes room for them to become more productive and engaged with the purpose of the company.

Now that you understand the relationship between Industry 4.0 and AI, the tip is to rely on the support of a serious company experienced in AI solutions such as Kazap. We always seek the best use of technology to solve the problems of your business and provide a great experience to your customers.