It is not new to managers and entrepreneurs that the implementation of agile leadership is directly linked to the integration of data between different sources. After all, this makes room for those responsible for management to have access to information more quickly and intuitively, which is positively reflected in the efficiency of their strategies.

In a highly competitive market, this practical access to relevant information is critical for a business to be successful. Taking this into consideration, we have developed this content to keep you on top of the most important points on the subject!

Follow the post and understand what it is and how to integrate data between different sources!

Why invest in data integration?

During the operation of a company, it is normal that managers and employees need to have access to a series of information to perform their functions. The big question is that they are often dispersed in various formats or even in different software and applications.   A situation that makes the task of grouping them into a single interface slower and more complex.

If the company has a data integration application, however, this information can be gathered, filtered, and organized into a process known as data mining. Thus, the person responsible can easily access them and understand them intuitively.

Considering each of these points, we can say that the solution allows analysts to have optimized access to relevant information. This makes room for them to perform their activities more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, since data from multiple sources is recorded in such a detailed way, and on a single platform, those responsible for verifying them are more easily able to identify useful patterns, which can benefit the company in several ways.

How to integrate data between different sources?

Implementing a data integration project requires some care. Next, find out the necessary procedures!

Map the data

Since the project aims to gather data from different sources, first, the person responsible for it must identify them and verify factors such as:

  • the type of data stored;
  • the format in which the data is saved;
  • the volume of data and the environment in which it is stored.

Look for a suitable solution

Data mapping is of paramount importance. After all, after executing it, the person responsible for the project will be able to understand the true requirements of the company and thus seek a solution that meets each of them.

Although there are several options in the market, the interesting thing is that the company chooses a planned solution to meet its demands. That’s because generalist software may not offer the features that best fit your reality.

Empower employees

Even before the data integration system between different sources begins to operate, it is necessary that the company’s managers begin a process of awareness and training of employees. This care is necessary for them to understand how Big Data can optimize the company’s processes and make agile management really feasible.

The point is that, in the day-to-day of the company, employees are responsible for the execution of the processes. By preparing them for the data integration system, the management team makes room for them to make the most of the benefits of new technology!

What is the importance of a strategic partner?

Data integration has the potential both to streamline business processes and optimize the identification of standards that are useful for the business. For this result to actually be achieved, however, the system responsible for it must be efficient.

An ineffective solution can slow down access to information. Some errors and failures can even damage important files, thus causing damage to the company.

To avoid this problem, the project manager must rely on a developer company, which is known in the market, and that really presents appropriate solutions to the company’s problems.

In this context, we can say that Kazap Technology emerges as a very interesting option. After all, the company has a team of highly engaged and skilled developers. All with a lot of experience in the market and that can ensure efficient integration of data.

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