When we seek the term “invest” in dictionaries, many of them define it as a purely impetuous action. However, assuming that every action generates a reaction, companies work towards making their applications in a calculated way, in order to generate the most favorable result.

When we talk about investments in IT, more specifically in software solutions, some companies unfortunately have not had good experiences. This is because they usually have had an overexpectation of the result, but then the question arises: how do I evaluate how much I really need software solutions?

Thinking about it, we prepared this special post so that you can effectively detect the factors that indicate the need for software solutions for companies and investments in technology. Let’s check them out!


For starters, an important factor is the timing of the adoption of software solutions. Do you have growth projections and new products or new forms of distribution? Great, but consider whether it is really necessary to structure features for what comes ahead right now.

One of the great advantages of having your own software solutions is the ability to make it grow alongside with you and this comes to fruition the more your needs manifest and evolve.

But the big question is knowing how much certain technology will contribute to your business. In fact, this is not a simple task and in some cases, requires an analysis of the ROI (Return on Investment) to measure the return provided by such action.

Need to optimize activities

For small or medium-sized businesses, it can be difficult to measure metrics such as ROI, so many managers end up minimizing the need to implement software solutions  — believing that they are “more of the same.”

Also, the services are being delivered and everything seems to go well. However, unlike what many think, the main advantage of implementing and using software is not just concentrating information on your production or logistical tasks.

They assist you in the effective management of processes, making your activities more efficient. In addition, it is possible to combat the foci of material waste, improve carefulness and predicting emergency situations.

Of course we are superficially quoting the advantages, but these are aspects to consider to predict the return that such an investment will bring to your business. Some of the aspects that will be positively impacted by the adoption of cutting-edge technology are:

  • growth and generation of opportunities;
  • combating waste foci such as raw materials and excess materials;
  • possibility of measuring the results more accurately;
  • stricter control of processes.

Low productivity

Producing more without losing quality is a challenge present throughout the corporate world, regardless of the segment in which the company operates. Therefore, investing in software and technology solutions is ensuring an increase in performance.

This is not only for software, but also data science and prescriptive analytics which are two very useful tools in this sense. These technologies will help you map your own market performance and predict future scenarios to protect yourself against competitors.

This will increase your business productivity by providing more accurate guidelines for your employees. This is because, with data and knowledge production relevant to your business, developing accurate strategies for its growth becomes an easier task.

Noises in communication

Improving internal communication is essential to accelerate activities in the company and make group actions more dynamic. This can be accomplished by using digital services and specially developed platforms to streamline collaboration among employees.

In addition, companies that implement software usually operate with the use of the so-called agile methodology – a set of good practices for the proper management of processes. Being in contact with experts on this topic, your own business can be more informed about this beneficial business model.

With this, it will be possible to add this practice to the organizational culture, as well as conversational interfaces. The agile methodology stands out for holding meetings and useful exchange of ideas, which favors the communication and alignment of employees in search of achieving common goals.

A lot of errors in the processes

It is necessary to follow the processes very closely to ensure the desired results. This can be done more accurately by modernizing the entire corporate environment. It is essential for managers to be able to monitor and supervise practices and combat errors in processes.

In this sense, to perform the tasks with fluidity and agility, it is crucial to bet on software solutions that provide a higher level of optimization in administration and in obtaining accurate reports on the day-to-day business.

This is the only way to view vulnerabilities and identify bottlenecks and what is more important than managers being able to observe all deficiencies and reverse this framework through tools that eliminate human errors and the need for rework.

More experienced managers have certainly dealt with poorly done work, which required a whole new team to repair those issues. With the inclusion of state-of-the-art software in the business, many tasks will be executed in a standardized manner, according to the levels of excellence desired by the company.

Numerous costs in the company

Technological solutions are seen by many people as just another cost to budget worksheets. However, this is an erroneous conception, since this investment guarantees measurable return in the medium and long term.

This is because so-called digital transformation is a term used to show how technology and software solutions have become key tools for generating new business opportunities. In addition, the robotization of processes, automates bureaucratic tasks and frees talented employees to other areas of the company.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean cutting staff. When it comes to having to reduce spending, many entrepreneurs may associate it with firing employees, but this is not always necessary. What happens is the transfer of operational tasks to the machines.

With this work being carried out by digital solutions, these employees are free to be allocated in other tasks more related to the end-activities of the business. Software solutions and internal management systems, for example, automate routine procedures and optimize business routines.

Thus, software solutions with integrated management systems gather various information about the business centrally, which facilitates the visualization by managers. That makes it easier to be sure where you can reduce costs and the best, without losing productivity.

Need to strengthen customer relationships

The use of technological tools and software solutions is a great ally when developing a relationship of trust with the customer. That’s because investing in high-level technology shows consumers that you are always looking to innovate in your products, leaves a good impression on your customers.

But it’s not just about impressing them. With software solutions and data analysis, it will be possible to establish patterns and consumer trends by verifying the behavior of these consumers.

The tools analyze customer interactions with your business and identify times when certain periods had a higher marketing rate. With this, it will be possible to establish strategies according to what is discovered by digital software solutions.

Business is not scalable

Finally, another reason to invest in technology is the need to make the business more scalable. So what exactly does that term mean? Well, it is the company’s ability to grow and generate new opportunities without a decline in the quality of the services provided.

In terms of technology, scalability relates to the ability to use digital solutions that do not become overloaded if demand grows too much. To achieve this, it is essential to seek companies with extensive expertise in the market, which will be able to provide the best conditions for your business to flourish without problems.

To ensure that the best software options are implemented in your business, prioritize Kazap professionals for assistance. We bet on versatility; we don’t want your software to have just a nice interface. In addition to the agility of digital software solutions, we also seek to explore other elements that have elevated technology as a whole.

Kazap seeks to aggregate technologies such as artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces to improve the customer experience. The company also has the best partnerships in the market, united with high-end products such as Google Cloud and  Amazon.

The service chosen by the client is developed in a special architecture, in which it is not necessary to worry about servers. As if that wasn’t enough, you can develop applications and other software solutions for custom companies to modernize your business and put it on an equal footing and beyond any other company in the industry.

So, were you interested in the possibility of partnering with us? Then get in touch to get to know our work better!