In an increasingly connected world, technologies that make exchanging information faster and more efficient are of great importance. After all, time is a valuable resource that should be used appropriately. In this context, technologies such as Progressive Web Apps  (PWA) gain prominence, as they make room for the user to have access to information and applications in short periods without having to download an app.

In addition, it is worth noting that this technology has the potential to reduce a company’s costs while improving its visibility.

Would you like to better understand this topic? Read the article and learn about the PWA advantages for your company!

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

We can say that, in a way, Progressive Web Apps makes use of the positive characteristics of websites and applications to create a completely new solution, meeting the needs of users more fully.

This is because PWA is nothing more than a web solution designed to offer functions similar to those delivered by native applications, without the user having to download. It is important to note that for the technology to be actually complete,  Progressive Web Apps must-have features such as:

  • icon on the home screen;
  • push notifications;
  • highly responsive design;
  • offline access.

How does it work?

For some users, having to download an app to assess whether it meets their needs can be a problem in terms of time and internet consumption. The same can be said about the time required for conventional web pages to be loaded into a browser.

Fortunately, these issues are solved by Progressive Web Apps, which allows anyone to use your apps without the need to download them. In addition, its design is highly responsive, so your pages load as quickly as the functions of a native application.

Given its characteristics, PWA has some similarities to the concept of Software as a Service, because it allows the user to make use of external computing power to use applications. Taking this into account, it is easy to realize that cloud computing is a necessary element for your operation.

What are the main advantages of PWA?

Given its features, the technology behind Progressive Web Apps is able to bring a number of benefits to its users. Continue reading and discover some of the PWA benefits for your business!

Less costly development

When we talk about mobile devices, the dominant operating systems are Android and IOS. Because systems have different configurations and requirements, the same solution cannot be implemented in both, generating double costs for the development of two versions of the same application.

Because Progressive Web Apps runs on an external server, such as a common web page, it can be accessed by both Android and IOS through their browsers, reducing development costs.

Operation without internet network access

One of the biggest benefits of applications is the fact that they allow their users to perform various functions, such as organizing tasks and editing photos, without the need for an internet connection. A feature that, in addition to reducing their data consumption, still allows them to access useful functions even in regions where network access is limited.

Among the PWA advantages, however, there is a function that allows the user to use the web application even without having access to the internet, eliminating a disadvantage that the sites had in relation to native applications.

Optimized performance

For a person to make use of a native app, they need to access the store provided by their mobile device’s operating system and download it. The problem is that in addition to consuming a certain amount of data to complete the download, this process still requires time that could be used otherwise.

Through applications in Power Web Apps, the user can access the functionality they need using a  URL, completely eliminating the need to download.

In addition, it is important to note that PWA technology uses cached files in a smarter way, making your application load and use in a more agile and responsive way.

Access to push notification

One of the great advantages of applications in Progressive Web Apps is the ability to send push notifications.  This is because, like native applications, PWA has access to mobile-specific functions.

The great advantage of this type of notification is that it allows PWA officials to have more direct communication with users so that they can send information about updates to content and even advertisements for their products and services.

Since the notification appears directly on the device screen, the chances that the user will view it is greater than in a newsletter, for example, which can get lost in the middle of other emails.

In addition, it is important to note that, as with push notification, applications Progressive Web Apps have access to other system tools, which gives you access to important features such as geolocation.

SEO optimization

Progressive Web Apps have an operation similar to conventional websites, which use solutions such as access to automatic databases. For this reason, they are identified and indexed by search engines like Google. A PWA advantage that makes room for more people to discover the app and use its features.

In the scenario we live in today, where people are increasingly connected to digital services, the need to have their own application tends to become increasingly larger for companies, regardless of their area of expertise. In this context, applications in Progressive Web Apps, which combine high performance at low development costs, are a more efficient solution.

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