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Adopting the right tools is one of the most important measures for an organization to achieve good results. In this sense, knowing how to choose a CRM that meets your  needs  is critical.

In addition to managing and integrating customer data,  the solution provides business intelligence. It is a great aid in the decision-making of the company, which can improve its performance.

We prepare this text to teach you what this tool is and what are the main factors to consider before making this investment. Continue reading and find out how to choose a successful Mobile CRM!

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The term is used to refer to customer relationship management, or to a management system that focuses on the customer and which brings together various processes/tasks in an organized and integrated manner.

To sum up, integrating with advanced technologies into a unified platform provides a new insight into the profile of customers and their business.

Companies that invest in the development of a Mobile CRM allow their professionals to explore business in the field (outside the company). It is something that can be very well worked out in the sales force and/or in the provision of services, since these professionals need to access critical data through their smartphones  and  tablets.

What to consider when choosing a CRM?

Once you understand what CRM is, the next step is to learn which points to take into account at the time of choice. As there are several options on the market, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of each. To purchase a secure and effective Mobile CRM for your business, consider the factors below.


The existence of a wide range of mobile devices on the market will pose a significant challenge for your company to deploy mobility solutions. Therefore, you need to filter which or which platforms are most used by your employees, and then seek to develop your CRM for one or two platforms.

Professionals who do not have a device on these two platforms should receive from the company, for restricted use, one that is compatible to run the application.

Online and offline

For each customer-centric business, rapid access to information such as registration data, product information, documents, and more has become crucial.

This data should be accessed in such a way that users can, online or offline, improve customer interactions, or make business decisions with real-time  productivity.

ERP integration

Not only do your employees need access to critical information, but also need support for a variety of aspects such as: product information and current sales offers, special promotions, registration stakes, orders, status order,  etc. Therefore, your mobile CRMneeds to have intelligent integration with your ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning,or enterprise management system).


A Mobile CRM contains a set of important and sensitive data for any company, as it includes sensitive information about its relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as product details, sales data, and so on. Because this information is often accessed by employees outside the organization, it needs to be very secure.

Your Mobile CRM application should make sure you have enterprise-level security through core policy-based validation, encryption, and control.

User-friendly interface

Your Mobile CRM should be highly user friendly  (i.e. easy to navigate) and promptly answer all questions with little or no user training.

Finally, it is essential to choose mobile CRM carefully, since the decision directly impacts the results of your company. More than a record of contacts between the client and the company, it is a strategic element in customer loyalty.

In addition, to know how to choose a CRM that meets the needs of your company, it is essential to evaluate what are the tools and processes necessary for its use to be efficient and bring results.

How to choose a Mobile CRM for the company?

We will now give you some tips that will help you choose the perfect tool for your business. Move on with reading!

Search for market options

There are several CRM options available on the market. Therefore, the ideal is that you research to find out which ones fit the reality of your company, which functions are relevant to the development of the business and what steps for its implementation.

Assess your business needs

To learn how to choose a CRM for your business, it’s also important to understand what your needs are. If there are many transactions over the phone, for example, it may be interesting a tool that has integrated connection registration, which allows greater control of processes.

See what support is offered

The technical support offered for the use of CRM is also a factor that should be considered at the time of choice. Before hiring, stay on top of how it works, what processes are included, and how long questions, support tickets,  and complaints are.

Talk to other customers

Finally, it is recommended to talk to people who have already worked with the CRM that you intend to acquire, in order to understand how the software works in practice and how well the support is satisfactiond.

Why rely on consulting to implement CRM?

Due to the importance of CRM for the strategic development of the company and for the intelligent management of customers, it is essential to implement it correctly and functionally. However, this process requires specialized technical knowledge to bring the best results.

Therefore, it is optimal to seek the support of a consultancy to implement this solution. Kazap has qualified professionals specialized  in the implementation of technology projects and can help you choose a tool that dwells on your company’s processes and routines.

Now that you know how to choose a Mobile CRM and how that investment is able to leverage your business, how about taking the next step? Contact Kazap for complete  security and quality in choosing and implementing IT solutions?