You are already aware that you need to create an application, whether it’s to streamline processes within your corporation or to offer to the general public, you now need to choose who will develop your project.

Obviously the biggest concern is to make the right choice so that your app has the expected result and to do so it is not enough to hire a company that simply has good developers, but you should mainly consider what can this company or service provider do to improve the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

While this is an aspect to be considered for both web and mobile application development, let us stay focused on mobile apps, as we often see very poorly designed apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. The most frequently seen errors are:

  • Applications made to run on browsers and that receive only a “frame” to open on smartphones as applications;
  • Identical interfaced apps for devices with different operating systems (Android and iOS)
  • Failing to recognize reading patterns, as users read in a certain way
  • Ignoring screen size across multiple devices (mobile, tablets, laptops and computers)

Concept behind UX/UI design

If you want your application to be effective in generating sales or leads, you should start your project with an understanding of user behavior. Your app should be designed by someone who understands the psychology of user behavior. Every design decision that is made should focus on delivering a smooth and transparent user experience in order to increase conversion performance.

Being able to provide excellent UX and a beautifully functioning UI benefits the company immensely. It is an attempt to fulfil the user’s needs and if done well, it can create a positive experience that the user will associate with the brand which in turn also creates a loyal customer base.

Some companies still tend to focus this role exclusively on an expert, usually the designer, but it is important that programmers also know the subject well so that the features they create are true to the general UX/UI design and can deliver an experience that works for their business.

That’s why the Kazap team is composed of experts for each system, narrowing the relationship between user and interface experience to achieve objectives such as:

  • Generate new revenue streams;
  • Strengthen brand identity;
  • Engage users
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