Why are mobile apps important for the business?

It is really important having mobility solutions in a company because unfortunately, some entrepreneurs do not understand this urge and fail to comprehend that investing in the development of mobile apps can greatly improve the process and management of your company.

When we allow our employees to use their own devices through corporate mobile apps, we are empowering them to do much more than just talk to customers. They are also able to perform tasks from anywhere and not just from behind their desks.

For example, if you have a sales team that still works with pen and paper, imagine how it would be like if you had an app that would process purchase orders directly from their smartphone or tablet, without having to wait to get to the office and then be able to launch an order, which would cause a very “slow” process, a dropout or even forgetfulness of important information reported at a business meeting.

Or then imagine if you could control the travel expenses of your team, without having to keep asking for the paper receipts, or being in doubt if that employee really went to the place, you can have a company mobile app that has the function of sending images of files, receipts, as well as checking if the employee is at the correct location and much more!

This would be faster and easier for the employee and also for accounting, who will receive the real-time digital record of each expense.

You can also have a mobile app that is a loyalty scheme for your customers. It has been studied that customers who join through a loyalty scheme are likely to spend and shop more frequently than those who are not loyalty scheme members. This in turn would boost sales from having loyal customers. To capitalise on this, you can also have a rewards program integrated in your company’s loyalty scheme app as this would entice customers to make repeated and frequent purchases for rewards and freebies in return.

These are only 3 examples and there are many more others, but the mobility in the company’s management process can be applied to different segments, not limited to the type of business, because each company is evaluated in its needs.

Today the challenge for businesses is how to embrace change and maximize opportunities. Business leaders should examine their current planning, recognize potential benefits of new technologies, and not allow fear or uncertainty create limitations for the business. After reading the above examples, you should be able to realize just how powerful a tool like dedicated mobile apps can be for any business, whether it be a startup or enterprise, you can make mobile apps work for you!

So if you are behind your competitors and still haven’t planned to develop a mobile app for your business, we at Kazap can help you in this decision-making process, because we believe that the inclusion of enterprise mobility management should be based on a secure workspace that disembodies corporate data from your employees’ personal data, protecting the company and enabling better work flexibility and business evolution.